original art, pg.1

Here are a few digital images of some of the paintings and drawings I have done over the years. Most are sold, but if you see one you like, ask.


Tattooed Baby and La Imbunche, oil on canvas


Demon’s Birth and Entropy Room, Oil on Canvas

install4 install5

Voodoo Boxes, pen and ink  and construction


The Cornfield and The Fortress. oil on canvas


Wheelchair, pen and ink


Ghost Hallway, pen and ink


Crow Rain, encaustic on canvas


Ouija Goodbye, oil on canvas


Cock Fight, oil on canvas


Petroleum Landscape, oil on canvas

tortoiseThe Tortoise on Porpoise, Oil and woodblocks on canvas


4 responses to “original art, pg.1

      • lol – Yeah, you and I had no direct association, but I was there with “a friend of a friend”. On a whim I got an invite, grabbed my ugliest tie, and put a lampshade on my head.

        Don’t recall much else about the evening other than it being lots of laughs, but the trophy has been with me ever since.

        I was reminiscing with a friend about another work on display at your place that night – I seem to recall a “booger tree” we were all invited to contribute to… it still haunts my dreams…..


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