THE COMET…the fifth cut on my newest album


Everything that goes up must come back down.

THE COMET is the 5th song on my album ANKLE BRACELET.

(a note about listening to my music. Since over 50% of the audio information in my songs is in the lower frequencies, it is best to listen to them on a full range speakers. Since this is not really possible for a lot of people with phones and laptops, a good alternative is closed back headphones.  One of the best full range headphones available is the Sony MDR 7506. And they are under $100…)

FOUR SHADES…The 2nd cut on my newest album

4 shades

FOUR SHADES is the second cut on my new album ANKLE BRACELET. I don’t know where this phrase originated, I first heard it in Baltimore, Maryland. It perfectly describes a feeling we all get occasionally.

Please consider buying this album if you like the songs. You can listen to any of the songs on this album on my Bancamp site.

Oh, yeah: NSFW!




ankle cover

My brand new, shiny album, ANKLE BRACELET, is now ready for purchase and listening. There are eight songs: seven original and one cover of a Marianne Faithfull song.

The first song on my new album is called HANNAH.

HANNAH is a palindrome.

enjoy! (if you like it, buy it.)

forgotten basment 700

“…in forgotten basements of old stone churches, strange symbols are drawn on the floor…”