original art, pg. 2


5 Sisters, Fire and Ice,  egg tempera on panel


We Are The Shape Of The Hive, oil on canvas


Flower Arrangement, pen and ink


At the Bar, pen and ink


Stabbing Water, oil on canvas


Lt. Calley in Vietnam, egg tempera on panel


Self Portrait, charcoal on paper


Crows Flew Up In The Field,  oil on canvas


Amelia Earhardt Damn, pen and ink


Entropy Room,  oil on canvas



5 responses to “original art, pg. 2

  1. Hi Craig,

    I knew it was you for sure when I saw your paintings. I’m still digging your art. I have your wood print of the .45 1911 hanging up next to a copy of the US Army field manual.

    I see you have great taste in guitars. I love them. Do you remember that 1931 National Duolian that I bought. You had it and took it all apart? I thought it was hopeless. But last year I finally found a guy who took on the challenge of getting it into playable shape. Turns out it’s 98% original. I had to replace the resonator cone and the biscuit, but the fingerboard and frets are all original. I held on to that thing for 37 years.

    I’ve got to order some of your CDs. I remember when you changed the name of your band because you told me that there was some bad in Atlanta called REM.

    I still see Jeanne frequently. She’s doing well.



    • Hi, again, Ray; Your name is very familiar, but I confess I can’t remember how I know you. Not surprising if we haven’t talked in 37 years, I guess. I also do not remember the 1931 Duolian, though it sounds like a guitar I would own. I took apart a LOT of guitars then, and now. I can put them back together now. lol. Please do order some CDs and send me some pics of you and Jeanne.


  2. Craig,

    Karen Ernst, Jeanne Klem, dog racing north of Toronto. I bought “Riot at Sao Paulo Prison.” Rapid Eye Movement. Lakewood Ohio. Negro ice fishing. ” I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like …tears in rain. Time to die.”


  3. Ha hahahaha….yes, of course I remember now. Klem I definitely remember! …and the Blade Runner ref. Y’all should send me some pics. You can see plentyk of me. lol. Karen is my friend on Facebook, so I know how she’s doing. Good to hear from you.


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