SOMERSAULTS…the third song on my newest album

The Gypsy Astronaut

up, down, what’s the diff?



CROOKED…the first song on on my newest album

dancing skeleton



There is a crooked man

and he has a crooked smile

though he hasn’t had a reason

to use it in a while

he has a crooked heart

that’s been broken all the same

there are parts of his life

that he just can’t explain

when he stands up straight

one shoulder is too high

time is moving out of phase

and he don’t know why

and he watches in confusion

as the world go spinning by

but hardly even notices it

with his one good eye

a crooked bolt of lightning

strikes a crooked tree

and the sky is full of chaos

for the crooked man to see…

he has a crooked heart

that’s been broken all the same

some feelings were left out of him

so he’s not to blame









There is too much focus today on being “perfect”.  One of today’s definition of “beauty” is having a face where one side is a mirror image of the other side. Nobody is like that, not even close.  The further we get from the ‘norm’, the closer we get to true synchronicity–the delightful state of being  where connections to life abound because we are not just one person, but many.

Some of the connections are good, some are not so good. This album celebrates a few of those connections.

CROOKED is comprised of nine songs, seven original and two covers.

  1. Crooked
  2. End of the World Charlie Parker Time Bomb
  3. Somersaults
  4. I Made a Mistake
  5. Attention Whore redux
  6. Second Hand Face (John Gorka 1992)
  7. Black Phillip Says
  8. Don’t Touch The Meteor
  9. Bloodletting (Johnette Napolitano, Concrete Blonde 1984)


you can listen to the entire album right now on Bandcamp. If you like it, please buy it…