PANDORA’S REVENGE…the eighth cut on my newest album


The god Prometheus stole fire from heaven to give to the human race, which originally consisted only of men. To punish humanity, the other gods created the first woman, the beautiful Pandora. As a gift, Zeus gave her a box, which she was told never to open.




MELTDOWN….the fifth cut on my newest album


“Two explosions were reported, the first being the initial steam explosion, followed two or three seconds later by a second explosion, possibly from the build-up of hydrogen due to zirconium-steam reactions. Fuel, moderator, and structural materials were ejected, starting a number of fires, and the destroyed core was exposed to the atmosphere. One worker, whose body was never recovered, was killed in the explosions, and a second worker died in hospital a few hours later as a result of injuries received in the explosions.”
World Nuclear Association


BLACKBIRD OF CHERNOBYL…the fourth cut on my newest album


The Blackbird of Chernobyl is a creature allegedly seen in Ukraine around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the weeks leading up to the Chernobyl Disaster on April 26th 1986. It is said to be very similar to the famous Mothman creature in appearance.

The creature was described as being humanoid in appearance. Based on its name, it can be presumed to have been black or dark gray in color. It was claimed to also possess wings and glowing red eyes.

The Blackbird was supposedly sighted by several workers before they died. It is theorized that, like Mothman, the Black Bird served as an omen of doom, warning the workers of the lethal radiation within the plant.
from The Mothman Wiki