WAR, WITCHES, AND COWBOYS…new album release TODAY.


Eleven songs, 9 original and two covers.

The first song on the album is THE BATTLE IS OVER (BUT THE WAR GOES ON). Written in 1972 by Rogers and Winn. I learned it off the 1973 album by Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee.



FIREWORKS…from my 2016 album “Cafe Songs”


This is a song from three years ago, written in the beginning of that July. That July. You’d think, by this time, I would’ve gotten used to fireworks…

Robertson 16

How did things get so serious so fast?
I never believe that anything’s gonna last.
I go screaming into the future while I’m living in the past

if I feel something I’m sunk
that’s why I’m such a happy drunk
if I feel something I’m sunk

and here come those fireworks
and here come those fireworks
I hang on until it hurts and then I let go

why did I ever think that we would fit together
thunderstorms and blue skies, it’s always stormy weather
I can make it worse, I can’t seem to make it better


why do I even try to get through
another century without you?

from CAFE SONGS, released August 1, 2016

THE DOWN DEEP…The 12th song on my newest album “Not Quite Love Songs”

deep hole

from Ghost Trip 2019

The Down Deep
Craig Robertson 2019

come with me tonight
I haven’t seen you in years
the last I remember
we went down to the fishing pier

The moon was over the water
kingfishers were in the air
I told you it was gonna storm
but you didn’t care

is it true people don’t change?
that down deep they’re all the same
and we all know where the down deep is
we all know where the down deep is

a light was in your head
it shone thru your eyes
like a science fiction movie
your heart was full of lies

and I won’t ever forget
what you said to me
the way that you choose
each word so carefully


how did Iend up here
standing on this beach
watching as you walked
just beyond my reach