more about Craig Robertson

l'aronde 1wellemame







IMG_4833gmancraig_3in Montreal

craig_sobsat the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC with the Sob Sisters

craigzoe_4on stage with Zoe Robertson

noir4_3with Greg Hawkes and Tim Mann



g1at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon in Berkeley Californiahyp_posteryes, it was a hypnotist’s convention…!

1domcraigat the Ivy Room with Dominatorcolorme

Boston singer/songwriter Craig Robertson organized and played at the cabaret-style Ukulele Noir for six years.

Ukulele Noir exposed New England audiences to a wide variety of ukulele performers
from all over the country.

Craig Robertson has performed at venues all over the United States, from Boston to San Francisco

and presents a mix of vintage and original tunes;

his own songs explore stories of hypnotism, murder and dancing bears. He has 30 CDs out of original music.

Craig is a Boston singer/songwriter who performs his dark, melodic tunes accompanied by guitar and ukulele

 His ability at musical storytelling is enhanced by his edgy baritone

Craig can be reached directly by email:  craigrobertson 12 @  (no spaces)


14 responses to “more about Craig Robertson

  1. Hi Craig:
    You have my e-mail address. Contact me. I have a new publication in the works and I’d like to talk with you. An official announcement will be coming soon, but, right now, things are in the planning stages and there are going to be some very cool things happening.

    Mickey Maguire


  2. We are fans of Craig Robertson, my husband Mike has been playing the Uke since his retirement this year, Feb. Sreaching for an InSpiration he came across Craig, he plays his music pretty much everyday, and I sing with him, singing for me started up again this year too, with a voice that is new to me, Craigs lyrics make us laugh, and sometimes cry, but always he touches OUR HEARTS, He is in our heads and he’s song are creative and up lifting…thank you Divine Spirit for this one…he is one of your Finest…Rev. Emma/Michael Ynequez, Montrose, Ca.


  3. Thanks so much for coming up to Citrus Heights the night before last! (Even though there weren’t many of us there.) It was a great show. Like a salon. Enjoy your West Coast holiday, and come back again soon. ‘Ukulele Rob


  4. Get your facts straight before you publish your songs. Re: 62 days…. I am disgusted that you would write a song after only having information published by a media eager to hang an innocent man. Shame on you.


    • so, Angela; what are the “real” facts of the story. If you’re going to accuse me of not getting the facts straight, tell me the “truth” and then give me some proof. Otherwise, it’s just hot air.


      • According to a large number of newspaper and television sources, i.e., the “media,” well over a year ago a jury listened to all of the evidence, deliberated for over four hours, and found the child’s father guilty of second-degree manslaughter. So “angela h,” are there later stories confirming that the earlier stories were all fake, the little girl never died (or never existed), the father wasn’t convicted and sentences, etc.? Hmmm. Didn’t think so.

        And kudos for Craig for once again taking a true story, and making very, very dark art out of it. Not easy to do with the ‘uke, the famous “instrument of happiness.”


    • Thanks again, Austin…you can find, and listen to for free, all my recorded music on my Bandcamp site: and lots of demos and such on this blog. always.
      Thanks again,


  5. Hi Craig,

    I am writing you in hopes of obtaining an autographed photo and brief bio of your act. I am currently putting together a book of ukulele soloists and musicians who feature the ukulele in their music from around the world. I would very much like to include you in this project as your music is quite popular and I am a big fan. I had no other email so I’m hoping you can help me. I am hoping to present the project to the publisher in November so it can be published next year. To date, I have collected photos and bios from acts in the US and around the world and would be quite pleased to include you in this endevour.

    My address is :

    Michael Hughes

    PO Box 132

    Mahaffey, PA 15757

    Thank you in advance for your help!



  6. So impressed with your “Mean to me” rendition. I”m a retiree playing my ukulele and would so appreciate getting the chords you play. So good the way you sing and play it.


    • Hi, Walter;
      I’ve been playing that song for some time. The arrangement for ukulele is mine…but I must warn you that there are a zillion chords in the song! I will sit down later and try to write them out with the lyrics. Send me your email address to and I will send them to you. It’s a great song and the chord progression is pretty unique.


  7. You were the reason I bought my 1st Kepasa. My 1st Kepasa was the reason I bought my 2nd! Anyway, I was wondering if I could use your picture of your Le Domino ukes on my Ukester Brown facebook page. I love these ukes- I keep hunting them, but don’t own one yet. I won’t use the pic without your permission.


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