THE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS…the second cut from my newest album

invisible 1

Invisible people could be living among us RIGHT NOW AND WE WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW!

from the album ACCIDENTAL TANGOS

(Robertson 2017)

the invisible man returns
but I don’t know where he’s at
he’s here, or there, or maybe not
he’s like Shroedinger’s cat.

He could be on the roof right now
or could be on the street
he could be miles and miles away
or lying at my feet


I may never see him again
and I won’t even if I do
I can’t tell the lie from the truth
if neither one is true

and every day
I go out to the park and wait
he either shows up or he doesn’t
he’s either there or he aint…

I suppose when I grow old
and my vision starts to dim
there are other things that I won’t see
as much as I don’t see him.




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