MONSTERS….the first cut from my newest album


From the album “Accidental Tangos”

(Robertson 2017)

I think I was waiting
for you to show up
I know I’m not perfect
I just cant grow up

I remember the time
we were running through the park
trying to get home
cause it was getting dark
and when we arrived
I couldn’t find my keys
and I was crawling in the dirt
on my hands and knees

Baby, I’m sad
you went away
maybe I was mad
you didn’t stay
maybe you’re right
it was a matter of trust
maybe there are monsters
in all of us

Nothing is easy
I realize
there’s nothing as green
as your green eyes

but sometimes when I’m walkin’
by that coffee shop
I don’t want to go in
but I have to stop

and let the smells and sounds
and all the memories
run around and round
and wash all over me
it’s a ferris wheel
that’s spinning way too fast
and I don’t want to like it
cause I know that it won’t last



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