CONJURE BOX…from the album “Better Liar”


Curiosity can kill more than cats.

(C. Robertson 2009)


  1. I went into an antique shop just to kill some time

Gsus4 (0233)

Those days I was a little lost, I took what I could find


I found a little box, thirteen inches high


Closed with thirteen lock to protect what was inside.


The shopkeeper said to take it he gave it to me free


He couldn’t get it open he didn’t have the keys


I took it home and looked at it. I shook it and I tried

Gsus4 A7

Unsuccessfully to open it, to get a look inside.


Chorus: Thirteen inches high, thirteen inches wide

Bb C A7

It was painted black and locked with thirteen locks

Dm7 Bb C

I wish I’d never opened it, never looked inside


the Conjure Box.

  1. Finally I took a hacksaw…and cut off all the locks

And when they dropped away…I opened up that box

Inside was dark but empty…and I threw it on the floor

I was disappointed…I had hoped for something more

I left right then and found a bar…sat down and had a drink

what a wasted afternoon” was all that I could think

When I got back to my room…something there had changed

Lots of things were missing…the air seemed dark and strange.


  1. the box was still there on the floor…lying where it fell

and I saw that I had opened up a doorway into hell

all my books were gone…all my dishes too

all my clothes were missing…my hats, my ties, my shoes

as I watched in horror…and slowly mounting fear

a chair slid right across the floor…into the box and disappeared

it swallowed the table…the paintings on the wall

but when the sofa disappeared…I ran into the hall.



Tag: I’m sitting on this hillside…and watching as my town

Gsus4 DbM7 Dm7

Is slowly disappearing…into that box I found.



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