NICOTINE…from the album “DeChirico Street”


This is a song from 2007.

(Robertson 2005)
She’s sitting on a barstool
But it’s so damn hard to see
The bar is thick with cigarettes
But they don’t bother me

I got this silver lighter
I don’t smoke you understand
I just like to make the flame
Dance inside my hand

My father left it for me
I found it when he died
In his front desk drawer
I couldn’t toss it aside

Cm Cdim
Chorus You can say what you want about nicotine
Fm7 Bdim
But I don’t really care
Cm Cdim
I like the shape of her mouth when she blows those
Fm7 Bdim Cm
Smoke rings in the air.


She put her Kool in the ashtray
Rubbing it out until it was dead
The smoke curled up in the lamplight
And wrapped around her head.


Repeat chorus


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