EXPECTING TO FALL…from the album “The Red Hat”

my way of falling down (1)

I never worry about making enemies…I’ve got me.

Robertson 2016

I used to think
there was nothing so bad
as someone who killed
all the dreams that you had
someone who showed you how
your choices were wrong
the melodies you chose
never fit any songs

I’ve had good advice
but I’ve ignored it all
I’m my own worst enemy
expecting to fall.

If someone gave you
something you needed
if you were shown
the way you were treated
was always your fault
but you couldn’t see
it was never your path
and you never were free

Winter is coming
I’ve been there before
but this time the winds are fierce
they scream and they roar
this time the daylight
is murky and grey
this time the cold
won’t go away



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