BLACK WIDOW TATTOO…from the album “Perfect Wife”


wear it, own it.

Black Widow Tattoo
(Robertson 2010)

You spend an awful lot of time on the web
You don’t know who you’re talking to or what it is they said
Sometimes you get so angry you just see red

You spend a lot of time in front of your mirror
You can always see yourself and the message is clear
Nothing is gonna happen until you get out of here

You should get a black widow tattoo
It’s something I think that would really suit you
Independence is tough, it ain’t that great,
No one ever calls you on the phone
The only thing that happens when you eat your mate
Is that you’re left alone.

That tree is dark and twisted in your front yard
I think Mother Nature’s sending you a wake up card
Dreams are easy but real life is hard

I don’t think the web is where you need to be
But I could be wrong, I am occasionally
You should listen to yourself and not listen to me



from Perfect Wife, released December 31, 2010
All instruments played by Craig Robertson, vocals by Craig Robertson. except drums by Arch Larizza

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