UNDERWATER LOCOMOTIVE…from the album “Alchemy”

underwater l

This is a true story. It happened in Canada a few years back.

(Robertson 2015)

well, I’m usually pullin’ iron ore
from up the northern clime
deep under the forest
we take what we can find
I never had no trouble
until this very day
when the mountain shook it’s head
and pushed this train away.

Landslide, comin’ down the hill
I know I can’t outrun it and I know I can’t stand still
empty cars headin’ back to town
me and this locomotive gonna drown

If I ever get to town I’ve got a girl back there
she wears printed dresses and flowers in her hair
I think about her all the way back to Montreal
she knows that when I get in I will call


underneath the river ain’t where I’m supposed to be
I should be watchin’ birds but fish are watchin’ me
the roar of the landslide is fading in my ears
doesn’t matter, ain’t nobody gonna hear



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