SAWING A LADY IN HALF….from the album “That Dress”


An earlier song with just me singing and playing ukulele and Bliss Blood playing the singing saw.


(Craig Robertson 11/05/ 2004)

G Gdim D7

He comes on the stage with a smile

G Gdim D7

He has teeth like a Nile crocodile

Am D7 Am D7

He does some small tricks and some prestidigitation

Am D7 Am D7

His lovely assistant causes quite a sensation

Em Bm

As she climbs in a coffin and pulls down the top


And he takes out a saw


And someone yells “stop!”

(but he doesn’t)

G C7 D7

(Chorus) He’s sawing the lady in half

G C7 Cm D7

He makes a small joke and everyone laughs

Am D7

there’s nothing to fear

Em Bm

It’s all done with mirrors

Am D7 G

Sawing a lady in half.

He saws and she screams

And it’s all in good fun

He pushes both halves apart when he’s done

And his lovely assistant wrinkles her nose

And, across the room, she wiggles her toes


The cut is so clean, there’s no blood or no gore

No messy liquids run out on the floor

The ladies all faint and the men all turn green

It is the most wondrous thing that they’ve seen…


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