AMUSING, BUT NOT TRUE…song from the album “When Close Is Not Good Enough”


hmmm….anything I could say about this song is already in the lyrics.

(Robertson 13)

Am        Cm6              G             Gdim
I don’t think you’re better than me
Am            Cm6        G           D7
I don’t think you’re worse
Am         Cm6            G     B7
I just think you need to see
Em         A7         D7
Being different’s not a curse

The things that make you different from me
Are the things I treasure most
But if you never come to that
You’re living like a ghost

Tell me honestly
Cm      G          B7          Em                G7
How can you be so hard on yourself?
Tell me honestly
Cm                   G
What do you see in me?

There’s a bench out in the garden
where I like to sit
And try on different faces
But they never seem to fit

Sometimes I think that you don’t like
Yourself, that makes you blue
And friends can be a fun house mirror
Amusing, but not true



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