FIREWORKS and THE FOURTH from the album Cafe Songs


I wrote these two songs on the Independence Day last year. They are part of the album
CAFE SONGS. All the songs on this album were recorded with just guitar and vocals. The guitar used was my trusty luthier-made Banzer acoustic that I’ve had for 26 years. The guitar was recorded with stereo mics using a variety of cut capos and steel fingerpicks.


How did things get so serious so fast?
I never believe that anything’s gonna last.
I go screaming into the future while I’m living in the past

if I feel something I’m sunk
that’s why I’m such a happy drunk
if I feel something I’m sunk

and here come those fireworks
and here come those fireworks
I hang on until it hurts and then I let go

why did I ever think that we would fit together
thunderstorms and blue skies, it’s always stormy weather
I can make it worse, I can’t seem to make it better


why do I even try to get through
another century without you?


There’s something about the Fourth of July
something about the lights in the sky
explodin’, explodin’
somethin’ about the tears in your eyes
catchin’ the light from the skies
explodin’, explodin’

all I know is this is true
the scent in the air reminds me of you

out on the river that winds through the town
a barge explodes with a cracklin’ sound
gun powder, gun powder.
this ain’t no battle in history
ain’t no killin’ that I can see
gunpowder, gunpowder.


I’m walkin’ back home in the middle of the night
the streets and the park are covered in light
explosions  explosions
ain’t nothin’ that’ll stand the light of day
I’m gonna sleep in any way
explosions  explosions

refrain 2x


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