The eighth cut on my album, THE VISITOR, is called DARKSIDE. Everybody has a public face and a private face…we seldom see the private face unless we are in some kind of relationship with the person.

(Robertson 2017)

I took the train to the suburbs
got off where you told me to
you were leaning against the fence
looking nervous like you always do
you had a car parked down the stairs
and your husband was waiting at home
I wasn’t sure what I should think
I guess I should have known

everybody has a darkside
you can see it in their eyes
everybody has a darkside
you can hear it in their lies
everybody has a darkside

I don’t remember any details
of the weather or the town
your jeep was pink and your hair was red
all my thoughts went round and round
now it’s the middle of the night
and I hear that shrieking sound
I know without a doubt
the circus is in town.


all the days go by so fast
sometimes sunny sometimes rain
it seems like everything I miss
is connected to a train.


instruments used on this track:

12string guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, drum programming.


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