ACROBAT…the third cut on my newest album “The Visitor”.

acrobat 2

ACROBAT. In the third song on my album THE VISITOR we find the alien, who has come to Earth, taken a human face and form, to learn about interpersonal relationships. Its race is dying because there is no contact between individuals, not longer any propagation of their species, and, as a result, its race is dying.

Its journey to Earth is an attempt to comprehend (and bring back) how relationships work. Hoping to maximize the amount of contacts, it joins a small traveling Circus as a roustabout.


(If you buy this album, you will not only be helping me, but you will be helping save an entire race from extinction…)

(Robertson 2017)


She’s an acrobat
she tumbles all the time
she has a heart that dances
to each and every line
and I wish that I could figure out
how to make her mine
but she’s an acrobat
she tumbles all the time

she’s made a career
out of falling down
she recovers gracefully
every time she hits the ground
she’s got bells around her waist
and sawdust in her hair
it only makes her lovelier
people stop and stare


I’ve watched her fall so many times
she spins head over heels
she doesn’t know which way is up
and I know how that feels
she runs around in circles
and dances in the light
dazzles all the audience
every single night



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