Coming in August from Craig Robertson Music…

cafe songs 500

in August I will be releasing an album of ten original songs that were written in one four week period from the middle of June to the middle of July. They were written on acoustic guitar in many open tunings. For the most part, they are recorded with only guitar and voice. Open tunings give the acoustic steel string guitar a very big sound. The lyrics are late night, half drunk ruminations on the madness and hypocrisy of toxic relationships. Ballads that begin in the spaces between light and dark and end on some other landscape. There are no drums, no bass, very little instrumental ‘sweetening’. Chords, because of the tunings and the open strings, tend to fall into major 9ths and 7ths. Suspended 4ths and 11ths, 9ths, 6s and whatever the hell else is there. The guitar is played with steel fingerpicks and becomes aggressive very fast.

There is every chance I will support this album with a tour.


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