THE GATE…the tenth song on Dechirio Street


The 10th song on 2007’s Dechirico Street. If you’re not free where you are, you won’t be free anywhere.

(Robertson 07)

(chorus) Well there ain’t no use locking the gate
No need to weep and moan
The horse is in the meadow and you’ll have to wait
Til it comes back in on its own

She went down to De Chirico street
To find her fortune there
A woman told her if she didn’t leave right now
She’d never go anywhere
She went back home and looked at her life
At her husband lying on the bed
And she took down the rifle he had hangin’ in the wall
And she shot that poor man dead


She left him there and went to town
She was one of those people you meet
Who will never look you right in the eye
Walkin down de Chirico street.
She was drinkin in a bar one night
And the Devil sat down by her side
He took out a cigar and asked if she had a light
And would she like to go for a ride.


She got into his Mercury, his Mercury, his Mercury.
It was long and low and black
They drove right on out of that one horse town
And she never did looked back




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