evil little worm…new original demo


Hot off the cider press…

evil little worm.
(Robertson 2016)

I’ve got an evil little worm in my head

makes me wish that I were dead

it’s chewing right through

me and you

an evil little worm

Why you have to do what you did?

Who am I trying to kid?

You’re chewin right through

my heart

spitting out the nasty parts

I went down to the grocery store

couldn’t remember what I went there for

so I came back home

closed the door

couldnt remember

why don’t you get up off the couch

youre so mean. Such a grouch

you asked if I

remembered the beer

I pretended I didn’t hear.

gotta go out and do the do

gotta find someone to do it to

somebody else

somebody new

someone new.


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