MILITARINOIA…the tenth song on my newest album “Pushin’ Through”


The last song on my most recent album was written on a tres cubano, so it has almost a driving samba rhythm. Some people say war will always be around…and it will be unless the young men, when asked to go kill strangers, say no. Don’t go. Let politicians fight their own battles.

(Robertson 2015)

you been sleepin in your van

you’re such a clever young man

you been sleepin on the beach

you think you’re out of their reach


you know they wanna make you go

but all you have to say is no

to stop the war

you know you can

stop the war

they been knocking at your door

who are they lookin for?

Gonna run you down

better get outa town


well,they got your dad

got his brother too

and it killed your mother

when they broke the news


you dont hafta give up

just dont give in

no matter who you fight

you aint gonna win



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