DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY…the 8th song on my newest album “Pushin’ Through”


I was originally going to include this song on my 2012 album “Noir”, but didn’t when I decided that the movie I was riffing off of really wasn’t considered a noir film. Still, I liked the song well enough and realized that it would stand on it’s own.

(C. Robertson 2009)

I jumped off the bridge
And into the Bay
I hit the water hard
And just drifted away.
They were amazed that I lived
Was all the cops could say
Bb                Bbm Dm
Death took a holiday.
Something happened to the engines
And the plane went down
It split up in three pieces
When it hit the ground
Everyone was okay
When the plane was found
Death took a holiday
Bb                         Dm
Bridge: Evil has reared its ugly, ugly head
Bb                                      C
The living are living, but, then, so are the dead.
Db            Ab              G6                       A7
Nobody believes what their priest said…
No one walks the high steel anymore
They’re all out sellin’ drugs door to door
No one knows what all these guns are for
Death took a holiday.


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