HOW COME NOTHIN’S HAPPENIN’….song demo for an upcoming album

nothin's happenin'

A song from my upcoming holiday album (Something To Do). More of my obsession with the “Happily Ever After. After the fairy tale comes reality.

How Come Nothin’s Happenin’

(Robertson 2015

we been stuck in this rut

used to be a groove

I never sleep

and you never move


if changes occur naturally

how come nothin’s happenin’ between you and me?

You’ve changed your clothes about a million times

the clocks have all stopped

until you make up your mind

bridge: I’m so tired of the same old thing

can’t we just move on?

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring

we’ll just have to wait until the dawn

there’s change in my pocket

and the clouds all cry

I had a change of heart

but I don’t know why



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