DRIVEWAY…the fifth song on my new album “Pushin’ Through’


A snapshot of a memory. The facts have been changed to suit the song.

FYI. This song, and all the others on this album, can be purchased for a mere 99 cents. The entire Pushin’ Through album is only $10.

(robertson 09)

When you came up the driveway
You looked I don’t know in that dress
And I ain’t never met nobody
Like you I guess (I guess)
I ain’t never met nobody
As strange as you
You don’t look like nobody
You’re so brand new (brand new)
Youre fingernails were black
Your skin was so white
And your heart was as dark
As the middle of the night (the night)
The click of your heels
On the asphalt drive
Was music that made me
feel alive (alive)
And I guess I’ve always wanted
Someone just like you
All of my life
All of my life
I just never knew (never knew)
And I would give anything
Now that I know
If you would just listen to me
And not go (Not go.)
Repeat first verse


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