My newest album, PUSHIN’ THROUGH, is now available on Bandcamp. It contains ten original songs.

  1. Pushin’ Through
  2. Chernobyl Girl
  3. Dilettante
  4. Black Moon
  5. Driveway
  6. Salem
  7. Opposites
  8. Death Takes A Holiday
  9. Secrets I Remember
  10. Militarinoia

The first song, PUSHIN’ THROUGH, is my own personal stay-the-course song. You’re in charge of your own life, screw what others say, go the direction you want to go.


You can purchase these ten songs for a mere ten dollars. As always, you can go to my Bandcamp site and listen to all of the first, if you wish…but please consider purchasing and downloading the album if you like it.

oh…as always: NSFW.


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