BAD DYLAN…a redone original demo

open mic

I’ve run open mics at a couple different clubs for a total of about 15 years. I think that gives me the right to sing this song. By and large, open mics are great, particularly when you find a diamond in the rough, but, when you do, it’s only after sitting through some well meaning but horrendous acts.

This is actually “based on a true story” as they say in the movies.

I met you at a coffee shop down by the pike
The place was full of musicians there was an open mic
The girl behind the counter said what would you like?
Just a coffee, please. That’s all for me.
You came in later, you were an hour late
I said want a coffee, and you said great
I don’t mind the coffee and I don’t mind the wait
But I gotta tell you dear, get me outta here
Cuz up on the stage…
He sang bad Dylan
She sang Little Feat’s Willin’
every guitar was out of tune
or in the wrong key
He sang bad Dylan
And it’s killin’ me
Could we go somewhere else?anywhere’ll do
As long as it’s quiet when I’m talking to you
This aint the right place to tell you good bye
It’s too loud and I ain’t gonna try
She said what?
Cuz up on the stage…

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