Who What How Why or When…the last song on my newest album STAB


This song has one of my favorite lyrics. It’s ‘mystery music’, but, then, we’re all detectives, criminals or victims; depending on the time and circumstances. It’s a continually changing cast of characters.

Who, What, How, Why and When
(Robertson 09)

DM7 F#m
Another grey day in the city
DM7 F#m
I’m feelin’ so tired and alone
DM7 Db DM7 Db
Ain’t no one around, they all left town
DM7 C#7 F#m
Or they ain’t answering their phone.

Think I’ll go down to the sea side
Sit down in that dirty white sand
Partake in the joys of all that white noise
That the waves make beating on the land.

Dm6 F#m
Then the cops arrive in a squad car
Dm6 F#m
And it’s the same thing all over again
Dm6 F#m
They got the questions but I aint got no answers
Dm6 C#7 F#m
To who what how why or when.

The a ferris wheel on the pier
Off to my right, lights up and then
It begins to go round, and I can hear the sound
Of that music caught on the wind

I can’t take any more of these questions
I can’t make up any more lies
I can’t make your day, so just go away
You’ve whittled me down to your size.

And the cops go back to their squad car
They just sit there, this never ends
They got questions, I ain’t got no answers
To who what how why or when.

It’s easy to see where this is headed
I’m goin’ home and call it a day.
They can follow me there, I really don’t care
I ain’t leavin’ til they’ve gone away

And someone is pounding on the front door
But I ain’t gonna let them come in
They got questions, I ain’t got no answers
To who what how why or when.


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