ROCKET SURGERY….The fifth track from my new album “STAB”

Illustration of a vintage style rocketship flying through the air

It’s easy…it really is.


I know that you got some doubts
I just want to make it clear to you
I know you can figure it out
I gotta lotta faith in you

This ain’t the scene of a crime
Nothing dangerous is happenin here
So you can take your time
And make those questions disappear

But it’s not rocket surgery
It’s as easy as you want it to be
I’m not trying to set you free
I’m not tryin to let you go

It’s not rocket surgery
It’s as easy as A B C
You can see what you want to see
Know what you want to know

I see you got that hesitation
Every time you start to move
It’s not a difficult equation
To prove or to disprove

You know that a couple tears
Don’t add up to a good cry
So if you overcome your fears
You’ll see the numbers don’t lie

Baby, don’t come runnin down the stairs
One two three four five
You gotta throw away your cares
Cause its good to be alive


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