DANTE IS SHIRTLESS…the sixth track from my most recent album “STAB”


If I’m not mistaken, Ben Farrington gave me the idea for this song.


Dante is shirtless, handcuffed and wired
In the back of the cruiser, while the cops, looking tired,
Listen to Beatrice out on the lawn
She’s so mad she’s spitting she rants on and on

And everything’s different
Though nothing has changed
Everything’s different
Tho nothing has changed

Dante is shirtless, she says leave me alone
Don’t break down my door, don’t call on the phone
That may have worked once but not anymore
Once it was charming but now it’s a bore


Dante is shirtless. He blinks at the light
The film crew is filming they’ve been at it all night
They ask Dante’s permission to put him on Cops
He tells them to shove it, but they just wont stop


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