…from volume one of my Greatest Hats (hits):   COMING SOON.


  1. The Hypnotist (Practical Hypnotism 2003) Can hypnotism force you to do something you wouldn’t do normally? (like quitting smoking?)
  2. She Likes To Pull The Wings Off Flies (That Dress 2004) Some people see everyone else as insects.
  3. Ol’ Cape Cod (Uncovers 2005) written by Claire Rothrock, Milton Yakus, and Allan Jeffrey in 1957.If you’ve never been to Cape Cod, go; if you are on Cape Cod; stay.
  4. Houdini Never Hung Around In Bars (Houdini’s Perspective2006) Escape from reality is all a matter of how you look at things.
  5. Goodbye Paul Tibbets (DeChirico Street 2007)  Paul Tibbets lived a full, rich life. His main claim to fame was what he and his crew did to Hiroshima.
  6. Locust (Under The Mystic 2008) Don’t wait until your wings fall off, fly now!
  7. Narcissa (Better Liar 2009) My airhead radar needs improvement.
  8. Ghost Of A Chance (Perfect Wife 2010) written by Victor Young, Ned Washington and Bing Crosby in 1932.Even Casper can fall in love.
    9. Proximity Effect (Perfect Wife 2010) Relationships are all about perspective.
    10. She Talks To The Snakes In Her Hair (She Talks To The Snakes In Her Hair 2011) Don’t look at me.
    11. Dancing On The Edge Of The Knife (Dancing on the Edge of the Knife 2011) A nod to something I’ve been doing all my life.

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