Coming for the holidays….

Confused by the many CD choices Craig has to offer? Here’s something to make that easier: a greatest hits compilation from the first ten albums. All the songs are completely remastered. Available as a beautiful jeweled case wonder….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd you can order them directly from Craig’s website, Craig’s blog or Craig’s Bandcamp site!

greatest hats cove4-5001

Songs included are:


  1. The Hypnotist (Practical Hypnotism 2003)
  2. She Likes To Pull The Wings Off Flies (That Dress 2004)
  3. Ol’ Cape Cod (Uncovers 2005)
  4. Houdini Never Hung Around In Bars (Houdini’s Perspective2006)
  5. Goodbye Paul Tibbets (DeChirico Street 2007)
  6. Locust (Under The Mystic 2008)
  7. Narcissa (Better Liar 2009)
  8. Ghost Of A Chance (Perfect Wife 2010)
  9. Proximity Effect (Perfect Wife 2010)
  10. She Talks To The Snakes In Her Hair (She Talks To The Snakes In Her Hair 2011)
  11. Dancing On The Edge Of The Knife (Dancing on the Edge of the Knife 2011)

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