“Greatest Hats” Project…..#1 “The Hypnotist”

As of today, Sunday, April 27th, I’ve decided to start putting together the most popular tracks from each of my albums. To that end I will post one a week chronologically. This will give me a chance to review the songs and decide how to remaster them…since they were all done with a mish mosh of emerging technology. All these songs and albums are available for purchase on my Bandcamp site.

No problem choosing the first one; from my first album in 2003, Practical Hypnotism, this is a song that has been recorded and played by many other musicians. It was written on a rainy afternoon on one of my LeDomino ukuleles. When I recorded it, I tuned the ukulele down a full step and played it in the key of Bb minor. For live shows, I always played it in the key of C minor.



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