Just Another Ukulele Song

craigMetamusic…kinda like Metamucil, but different.

Just Another Ukulele Song

(Robertson 14)


Dm                       A              Bb                    Gm

When I first started playing the ukulele on the stage

Dm                       A        Bb                   C

No one knew what it was, now it’s all the rage

Bb                       C                  F               Bb

Now if I should pull one out, everybody yawns

Gm7                                        C7

I sometimes think the magic is all gone…


F                 BbM7        F          BbM7

…cause now it’s just another ukulele song

F               BbM7                     C

In the middle of a great big ukulele singalong

Dm                    Bb                   F                 C

Everybody’s playing the same four chords wrong

F                   C           F

Just another ukulele song




3 responses to “Just Another Ukulele Song

  1. So true, If you seek fame on the stage that is. If you’re just kicking around while you’re kicking the gong then it’s always fine.


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