The Soska Twins….

Introducing the future of horror films; the Soska Twins, Jen and Sylvia.


Hailing from Vancouver B.C., they have a production company called Twisted Twins Productions. A quadruple-double threat; producing, writing, directing and acting.

Their first film “Dead Hooker in a Trunk” was a critical success (in Horror circles) but left a lot to be desired in the way of production values.


I actually didn’t come across them until I saw their second film “American Mary” starring the lovely and sinister Katharine Isabelle in the lead role. This film had superb production values and writing; dead-on acting and that all so important sense-of-dread cinematography.


Not only was Ms. Isabelle marvelous in this film, but there was an amazing supporting cast: Tristan Risk as “Beatress” was a standout.

tristan risk

The storyline is lovely, and one the viewer should uncover for themselves. At times I was reminded of another Canadian filmmaker’s work: David Cronenberg…and it also contained that iconic sense that marks the films of Clive Barker.

They have just wrapped up shooting on their third project “See No Evil 2”. Do yourself a big favor and check them out. Now.


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