Crosseyed…the fourth track from my newest album

There’s no use pretending, you don’t see what I see…The fourth track from “Something Is Wrong With Me, part 2″


You’re crosseyed
You say you never lied to me
But you’re crosseyed
You don’t see what I see

Your lack of depth perception
You’re always looking in
And everything you see I see
And see you see again
There probably is no difference
Between the virtue and the sin
You need to see outside yourself
You’re always looking in.


Your total concentration
You focus on the truth
But you’re not really seeing it
So, really, what’s the use?
You think you’re being clear
But you really are obtuse
What you see as a simple knot
Is really a noose.


you have trouble looking out
you never seem to focus
all the things you say you doubt
and so much hocus pocus

first verse


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