New Album: Something Is Wrong With Me, Part 2 now up on Bandcamp!


My newest album : “Something Is Wrong With Me” has been posted to my Bandcamp site and is now available for purchase there. Songs included are:

1. Grassy Knoll
2. How to Hate
3. Lightheaded
4. Crosseyed
5. Map of My Bruises
6. Mixing Metaphors
7. You Need To Be Right
8. Right Back In Hell, again
9. Wrong for Me
10. I Hate It When You’re Not Happy
11. Smile Much

You can listen to every track on this album for free, then purchase it for $10 or purchase individual tracks for $1 each.

The first track on the album is “Grassy Knoll”.  Everything in your relationship is going along fine…until your partner comes up, out of the blue, and tells you goodbye.


Grassy Knoll

Gotta Lincoln convertible
Let’s put the top down
The day is warm. Let’s go for a ride
You can wear your sunglasses
You can tell me what’s buggin’ you
You’ve said nothin’ but I know you lied.

You know I’m crazy about you
I’d do any thing for you
You’re all I ever wanted from life
So, whatever it is
What ever it is
You can tell me about it while I drive

I didn’t see that coming
I thought you were happy
I thought this was where you want to be
I don’t understand
This wasn’t the plan
Why are you saying you want to be free?
Don’t you know you’re killing me?

You’re my grassy knoll
You’re my  misdirection
And I only have myself to blame
I was caught off guard
And it hit me hard
Now nothin’ will ever be the same


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