Bandcamp, me, and…you


Although I have two song collections up on my Bandcamp site right now, I have not really wanted to put all my CDs up there because I want to be able to ship the physical products as well as offer downloads…AND I want to ship them from an address different from my own. Although this service is not active yet, I have been assured that it will be soon. I like the idea of having all my eggs in one basket. One stop shopping, so to speak. So I have put all my CDs (almost) up on Bandcamp. They are all available for download, or you can download individual songs. You can listen to the songs for free…but if you like them, please consider buying them! Soon (I have been assured) I will be able to offer the physical copies also. For now, if you want a physical copy of a CD of mine, they are still available at Psychic Hamster Records.


Enjoy the music.


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