A cornucopia of my music…..

All of these CDs...


…are available at either Psychic Hamster Records or Bandcamp.  That’s one hundred and twenty two recorded songs, mostly original. You can see the track listings here. If you enjoy my music, and I hope you do, please consider buying one or more of the CDs offered. They were all produced, mixed and recorded (including all the artwork) by myself. I did not rely on any upfront marketing entity like Kickstarter to produce these CDs; what you get for your money is the final product. Right now, right away.

I appreciate everyone who has dropped into my blog. I try to post songs from the initial demo to the finished recording…in hopes of demystifying the creative process somewhat. All songs start life as original songs. all songs originate in some songwriter’s mind and progress to whatever level of public awareness that they can. The best are ones that offer a unique view of something/anything. The best songs illuminate, connect and move the listener while taking you to the songwriter’s world.

It’s hard for me to ask you (the listeners) to support what I do…but that’s what I’m asking. After ten CDs, I figure I probably at least have a right to ask.


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