The “NOIR” Song Collection is now available on Bandcamp

Listen for free!

(blurb from Bandcamp)

The idea for the Song Collection “Noir” came about when I was searching through a list of Film Noir titles looking for something I hadn’t seen a million times. As I was reading the titles, I said to myself, “Damn! Some of these would make great song titles.”

So I decided to select a few of the the most visual and melodramatic and write songs around them. These are not based on the movies, they are just riffing off the titles. They are all original and, hopefully, hold together as a collection.

One of the cornerstones of Film Noir is the “femme fatale”; and this naturally plays a big role in these songs.

I hope you enjoy this Collection as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it.

My Song Collection “Noir” has just been uploaded to Bandcamp and is now available as a digital download. All eight original songs are available as a collection for only $7 or individually for $1 each.  You can listen to the entire collection for free, but if you like it, please consider buying it.

Except for an early demo of “Murder, My Sweet”, none of the songs have been posted anywhere before.

you can listen ALL the songs,  right here, right now:

then go to my Bandcamp page and, y’know, slap down the long green, er, short green, er, plastic…


4 responses to “The “NOIR” Song Collection is now available on Bandcamp

  1. I thought of that, but decided that I could supply more and different information on the Bandcamp page. (besides, I only just figured out how to embed the damn thing…and when you embed, it only embeds the songs, not the lyrics or credits or etc….)

    yes, turn it up to 11. pour yourself a whisky. kick your shoes off…


  2. got that whisky thing under control. more or less.

    currently on “Kiss of Death.” so far up to your ridiculously high standards.

    hard to keep the “fanboy” and the “jealous asshole” parts of me separate sometimes.

    the Snakez did “Nicotine” last night for the small, but doughty crowd at the Can Can. much roaring, applauding, whistling and such. hope our attribution leads to at least a few folk checking out your stuff.


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