Goodbye Paul Tibbets…mp3 from DeChirico Street (2008)

I’m against people killing each other…for WHATEVER reason.  We need to stop calling organized, sanctioned killing “war”. We need to stop abstracting murder. It’s still murder whether you know/see the victim(s) or not. There is no ‘good’ killing; there is just killing.

This is a song from my 2008 release; “DeChirico Street”. This is a very spare arrangement for me; just guitar, accordion and vocal.

Goodbye Paul Tibbets

(C. Robertson 2007)

F                                                 Aaug (0110)

Paul Tibbetts died today at the age of ninety two

Bb                                                        Gm                      C7

He was there when they dropped the bomb, in fact, he led the crew

F                                             Aaug

And all the people from Hiroshima are still dead as the sky is blue

Bb                           Gm             C7                  F

Today Paul Tibbets died at the age of ninety two

He said he had no regrets about that August day
When they dropped the atom bomb from the Enola Gay
The plane was named after his mom in Colombus so far away
He said he had no regrets about that August day

Am                                                 Bb                                  C

The bomb was an infant then, they nicknamed it their “Little Boy”

Am                                       Bb                                 C

They flew over Hiroshima and delivered their “bundle of joy”

It’s been sixty two long years from that day in 45
I think the reason he lived so long, the reason he stayed alive
Wasn’t because he was lucky or happy or strong or brave
But because he knew
there were 90 thousand
ghosts waitin’ ‘round his grave

Dm                                                 Aaug

Some writers will accuse you of not knowing the difference


Between a casualty and a fatality.

C5 (0033)

I’ve never been a friend to reality.


Writers juggle words

Aaug                              Bb

One day in a circus, I watched a man juggle knives.


The way politicians juggle lives.

(repeat third verse)

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