Practical Hypnotism CD by Craig Robertson

This is my first CD, it has been reprinted and is available at Psychic Hamster Records.

songs included are:

1. The Hypnotist
2. Christopher Walken
& Natalie Wood
3. Fly on Your Wall.
4. Up & Down
5. Kirtland Murder Barn
6. In Primer
7. Jaguar
8. Glass Menagerie
9. Staten Island Slide
10. Hat Trick
11. Mister Sandman

Ray Shakeshaft from England has this to say about the CD:

“This excellent CD is now available in the UK. It is one of those occasions when vocals, ukulele playing and arrangements all come together to create a first class musical experience. Go to Craig’s website ( to hear examples taken from this CD then buy it. ”


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