background background

I want the foliage to look dense, so I will have to first lay in a ‘backdround background’ that will actually be behind the leaves. This is a preliminary color sketch. I don’t want the colors to be too vivid because leaves and foreground figures will be more intense. This doesn’t need as much detail as the leaves, it would only distract the viewer.


3 responses to “background background

  1. really enjoying this series of posts, Craig. I’m not bad with 3-D art (sculpting in clay, etc.) but the 2-D stuff, and especially the color/shading aspects of same, escape me. nice to get some insights on the process.

    not that I’ll ever be able to duplicate said process.


  2. Hi, HH. Yeah, I have some sculptures that I’ve made, but in three-D I like to work in painted wood.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the process explanation. I did it for a number of reasons. One not immediately apparent is that it makes me keep focused and moving on the painting. Another reason is that most people don’t realized the amount of work that goes into a painting even before the brush touches canvas…(not every artist works this way, but many do). It’s much the same with any creative pursuit; Music, Dance, Film, Writing, etc.


  3. “It’s much the same with any creative pursuit; Music, Dance, Film, Writing, etc.”

    yep… most folk don’t cop to the 100 hours you put into your performance of a two minute tune.

    luckily, I enjoy practicing, or I’d have given this silliness up a long time ago.


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