The Process

I have started a new painting.  Well, actually, it has been started for a couple months now. One of the art shows in Boston that I have participated in has a unique slant: it’s a ‘process’ show. An artist will show one painting alongside of all the sketches and studies that led up to it. Most paintings are like icebergs, with ninety percent of the work process hidden.   I am going to attempt to do the same thing on my blog with this painting (titled “Lovecraft Birdcage”).

This first image is a 11″ x 14″  black and white charcoal sketch:

the next image is a smaller (8″ x 11″) color study, to find harmonious colors.

The final painting will be oil on canvas, approximately 48″ x 72″.

More to come…


One response to “The Process

  1. Didn’t know you were a painter too, Craig. Interesting how many talented musicians are also artistic. Must be the same part of the brain. Excellent.


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