Upcoming, Updates…

Not doing a lot of gigs this summer due to my recording schedule, but there is one coming up September 29th in my ‘neck of the woods’ that is at a neat little cafe that has just started doing live music. It’s called the Block 11 Cafe and its at 11 Bow Street in Somerville, Mass. in Union Square.  One of it’s charms is that it’s right around the corner from where I live now. Nice stage, nice sound…’intimate’ is the word I believe being used instead of ‘small’. I will be doing an early set at 6:30pm. The place has great food and drinks, no alcohol…so it’s ‘all ages’ (not anything I’ve ever aspired to, but what the hell…)

Besides this gig, I have been hard at work on my next CD, which, at this point, is tenatively titled “Perfect Wife”. It will have some surprises on it and, of course, plenty of Robertson originals. It will also have a couple of choice covers. New and old.


7 responses to “Upcoming, Updates…

  1. Hi Craig, Glad to read that you are working on your new CD.

    “Perfect Wife” doesn’t sound very Gothic Pop Noir to me?

    I really hope you will feature Goth Girl on your new CD!


  2. Hi, Armelle…
    You haven’t heard the song “Perfect Wife” yet, but let me assure you, it falls into the Gothic Pop Noir category…as do most of the songs I’ve recorded so far. Many about ghosts, witches and haunted houses.

    oh, and Goth Girl will definitely be on the CD as soon as I get an okay from Waste of Aces…

    (so, are you coming to the gig?????)


  3. Craig, I am glad to read that Perfect Wife falls into the Gothic Pop Noir category. I was worried for a minute…
    And yes, the concept of Perfect anything is very scary…
    Perfect Wife makes me think of the word ‘boring’ at once. Boring as in irrevocably predictable, which is indeed really spooky.

    I would love to go to the gig; unfortunately, the place is not just around the corner for me, so unless someone comes up with a solution making teletransportation possible, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it :)

    What about a European tour ?


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