GHOST OF A CHANCE…the eighth song on my Greatest Hats, Vol. 1.


From the album Perfect Wife 2010. A 1932 song recorded by Bing Crosby. The music was composed by Victor Young, with lyrics written by Ned Washington and Bing Crosby. This recording features Arch Larizza on bass.  I learned it from the original recording…  (ukulele, bass guitar, lap steel, therimin and voice)


NARCISSA….the seventh track on Greatest Hats, Vol. 1


A certain amount of vanity is good; it keeps you centered and looking sharp. However, it’s easy to get carried away…

from the album Better Liar, 2009

(c.robertson 09)

When I finally worked up the nerve
I guess I got what I deserved
I said you were heaven to me
C D G G7
And you just agreed

Why don’t you go fuck yourself?
Cause you really don’t love no one else
Under the makeup and hair
There ain’t nobody there.

You dragged me from right into wrong
That summer was hot and long
Then you went back to that other man
now I understand.


I could use fancier chords
An’ I could use fancier words
But it’s pretty straightforward to me
I’m sure you agree,
(and even if you don’t)


(You can take my heart, just leave the bottle…)

(way cool backing vocals by Shiny and the Spoon: Amber Nash and Jordan Neff)

LOCUST…the 6th track on Greatest Hats, Vol. 1


This is a song from 2008’s Under the Mystic. Migrate before your wings fall off!

Cm6 D7
Toss your clothes in a suitcase
DbM7 Cm6
walk right out and close the door
don’t go standin’ on the threshold
DbM7 D7
that’s not what threshold’s are for.

Cm6 G7
CHORUS: Don’t be a locust. Fly now.
Fm G7
Don’t wait until your wings fall off
Cm6 G7
Don’t be a locust. Fly now.
Fm G7 Cm6
Don’t wait until your wings fall off

Got a little bit of money
Got a car that runs all right
You can laugh but it ain’t funny
You can’t hang around all night.

Fm Cm6
BRIDGE: If you look straight up you can see
Fm Cm6
Thunderclouds up in the skies
Fm Cm6
All these people round here about
Fm G7
Got sticky fingers and flypaper eyes

Close the windows and the door
There ain’t nothing in this whole place
That you need any more

GOODBYE PAUL TIBBETS….the fifth track on my GREATEST HATS album


In 1945, Paul Tibbets was the commander of the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. As mass murderers go, he’s in the top ten.

From the Album DeChirico Street 2007
(C. Robertson 2007) (CC)
F Aaug (0110)
Paul Tibbetts died today at the age of ninety two
Bb Gm C7
He was there when they dropped the bomb, in fact, he led the crew
F Aaug
And all the people from Hiroshima are still dead as the sky is blue
Bb Gm C7 F
Today Paul Tibbets died at the age of ninety two

He said he had no regrets about that August day
When they dropped the atom bomb from the Enola Gay
The plane was named after his mom in Colombus so far away
He said he had no regrets about that August day

Am Bb C
The bomb was an infant then, they nicknamed it their “Little Boy”
Am Bb C
They flew over Hiroshima and delivered their “bundle of joy”

It’s been sixty two long years from that day in 45
I think the reason he lived so long, the reason he stayed alive
Wasn’t because he was lucky or happy or strong or brave
But because he knew
there were 90 thousand
ghosts waitin’ ‘round his grave

Dm Aaug
Some writers will accuse you of not knowing the difference
Between a casualty and a fatality.
C5 (0033)
I’ve never been a friend to reality.
Writers juggle words
Aaug Bb
One day in a circus, I watched a man juggle knives.
The way politicians juggle lives.

(repeat third verse)

Houdini Never Hung Around In Bars…..the fourth song on my Greatest Hats Vol. 1 album


I’ve always had a fascination with escape artists. It takes an amazing amount of focus to even attempt some of the simpler escapes. I had been playing this song for a while before I actually recorded it on my 2006 album “Houdini’s Perspective”.


(C. Robertson 2005)

Houdini always thought outside the box
That’s how he opened all those locks
He wasn’t worried
When they dropped him off the dock
Houdini always thought outside the box.

His assistants always locked him up real tight
Then they turned out all the lights
There was never any doubt
That he’d somehow get out
When his assistants locked him up real tight

You think everyone’s a saint
I’m here to tell you that they aint
You think your front door is locked
I’m here to tell you that it’s not….

Houdini never hung around in bars
He was outside starin’ at the stars
Every Hank and Louie
Though he was plain screwy
But Houdini never hung around in bars.