DANTE IS SHIRTLESS…the sixth track from my most recent album “STAB”


If I’m not mistaken, Ben Farrington gave me the idea for this song.


Dante is shirtless, handcuffed and wired
In the back of the cruiser, while the cops, looking tired,
Listen to Beatrice out on the lawn
She’s so mad she’s spitting she rants on and on

And everything’s different
Though nothing has changed
Everything’s different
Tho nothing has changed

Dante is shirtless, she says leave me alone
Don’t break down my door, don’t call on the phone
That may have worked once but not anymore
Once it was charming but now it’s a bore


Dante is shirtless. He blinks at the light
The film crew is filming they’ve been at it all night
They ask Dante’s permission to put him on Cops
He tells them to shove it, but they just wont stop



Not including my two “Greatest Hats” albums. In no particular order…

  1. The Hypnotist
  2. My Reluctant Muse
  3. Proximity Effect
  4. Wanting Don’t Make It True
  5. Queen Of The Milltown
  6. Ghost Of A Chance
  7. Perfect Wife
  8. Dancing on the Edge of the Knife
  9. Fires in Bangladesh
  10. The Ninth Ward
  11. 62 Days
  12. In It’s Path
  13. Blood of My Own
  14. Killing Wild Horses in Nevada
  15. The Trial of Luis Posada
  16. Lillibridge Street
  17. It’s Your Fault
  18. Scott Free
  19. Blood of My Own
  20. She Talks to the Snakes in Her Hair
  21. Can’t Get Away
  22. Tarzan’s Song
  23. Illegal (Shakira)
  24. Pumpkinhead
  25. The Shortest Distance
  26. Terrible Grace
  27. Let’s Make Love in the Graveyard
  28. What I Don’t Know
  29. Girl on the High Trapeze
  30. Damaged
  31. Throwing Knives at Clouds
  32. Ophelia’s Problem
  33. Comeback
  34. Bunco Squad
  35. Gun Crazy
  36. Kiss of Death
  37. Murder My Sweet
  38. Nightmare Alley
  39. Pickup on South Street
  40. Touch of Evil
  41. White Heat
  42. Tired Lonely and Stoned
  43. Knocked Down Again
  44. Beggar My Neighbor
  45. I Ain’t Runnin’
  46. Unionville Serenade
  47. White Cotton Dress
  48. Leavin’ Town
  49. Haunted House
  50. New Person
  51. Baby Octopus
  52. Buttons for Eyes
  53. Sideshow
  54. Fill Up the Ocean
  55. The Difference
  56. Run Off and Join The Circus
  57. Too Much History
  58. Terribly Rotten
  59. When Something is Wrong With My Baby
  60. Too Afraid
  61. The Grudge
  62. Oreo
  63. My Complement
  64. Out of Gas
  65. Prime Numbers
  66. Anybody’s Baby
  67. Blank Man
  68. Dead to Me
  69. Cellophane
  70. Bad Dog Boogie
  71. Even Cthulhu Gets the Blues
  72. Tooth Fairy
  73. Pride of Lions
  74. Cuppa Joe
  75. I Don’t Like You
  76. Everybody in the Reggae Band
  77. Grassy Knoll
  78. How to Hate
  79. Lightheaded
  80. Crosseyed
  81. Map of My Bruises
  82. Mixing Metaphors
  83. You Need To Be Right
  84. Right Back In Hell, again
  85. Wrong For Me
  86. I Hate It When You’re Not Happy
  87. Smile Much
  88. When Close Is Not Good Enough
  89. She Dances on Horses
  90. From Your Hat
  91. Perfect Match
  92. Everyone’s An Asshole
  93. Amusing, but Not True
  94. Watcha Tango
  95. The Rain Fell Up
  96. So Submissive
  97. Ah Ah Ah
  98. Lost Forever
  99. She Has a Way With Words
  100. Anime
  101. Attention Whore
  102. Byron’s Heart
  103. White Girl
  104. Bitter Truth
  105. New Saint Louis Blues
  106. Second to the Last Man on Earth
  107. The Big Egg
  108. Crazy Ones
  109. If You Got A Gun, You Ain’t My Friend
  110. Bad Choices
  111. Johnny Stomp
  112. Fallen
  113. Everybody Goes to Hell
  114. The Monkey Found Out
  115. Cliches
  116. I’m Lucky
  117. Garden of Earthly Delights
  118. Couples Dance
  119. It Don’t Mean Nothin’
  120. There Must Be a Circus in Town
  121. You and Him
  122. Better Off Dead
  123. Brand New Way
  124. Ten Years Past Goodbye
  125. Cheap Horror Movie
  126. Kings
  127. Whip Hand
  128. Walking Lions
  129. Blue Shadow
  130. She Said Cha Cha Cha
  131. Easily
  132. Stab
  133. The Cake (and who took it)
  134. Rocket Surgery
  135. Dante is Shirtless
  136. Radar Screen
  137. Tilt-a-whirl
  138. Right Hand
  139. No Clue
  140. Who What How Why or When
  141. Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood
  142. Fly on Your Wall
  143. Up and Down
  144. Kirtland Murder Barn
  145. In Primer
  146. Jaguar
  147. Glass Menagerie
  148. Staten Island Slide
  149. Hat Trick
  150. Mister Sandman
  151. Going to a Seance
  152. Box of Matches
  153. Missing
  154. Night Owl
  155. Sneaky Pigs
  156. Bloody Mary
  157. She Likes To Pull the Wings Off Flies
  158. Parallel Universe
  159. Sawing a Lady In Half
  160. Monkey
  161. That Dress
  162. Stop
  163. Ol’ Cape Cod
  164. Easier Said Than Done
  165. Bitter Bluebird
  166. Wuthering Heights
  167. Do Right Woman
  168. Buster Keaton
  169. Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home
  170. Slowboat
  171. Houdini Never Hung Around In Bars
  172. Bears
  173. Tangiers
  174. Hanged Man
  175. Mermaid
  176. Tigerboy
  177. Ink
  178. Penny on the Tracks
  179. Done and Said
  180. Vienna
  181. The Pigeon Sings
  182. The Leopard
  183. Frontporch
  184. You Can’t Stay Here
  185. Befuckingutiful
  186. Even Stephen
  187. Higher Heels
  188. Goodbye, Paul Tibbetts
  189. Nicotine
  190. Hard
  191. The Gate
  192. Sparrow Caught In The Thorns
  193. The Dark Derby
  194. The Big Nowhere
  195. Locust
  196. Excuses
  197. Driven to Drink
  198. Right Back in Hell
  199. Room with No View
  200. Ballad of Blanche Barrow
  201. The Detective’s Dilemma
  202. Werewolf Country
  203. Bright
  204. Returning To Mars
  205. Mystic River Morning
  206. Only a Bird
  207. Broken’s Spoken Here
  208. Dark Circles
  209. Metaphors
  210. Rosa’s Song
  211. Narcissa
  212. The Scorpion Queen
  213. Never Understand
  214. Undead
  215. Pigeons and Hawks
  216. Conjure Box
  217. Better Liar
  218. You Got Bored
  219. Water Into Wine
  220. Black Widow Tattoo
  221. I Can Make Elephants Disappear
  222. Mrs. Hyde
  223. YMIBNsonice2U
  224. In the Underworld
  225. Reassurance
  226. Goth Girl
  227. Whale
  228. By Your Side

MANCHESTER GIRL….song from Something Is Wrong With Me, part 2


This is the bonus track from my 2013 album “Something Is Wrong With Me, part 2″.

(Craig Robertson 2013)

She stood on the roof
and looked at the sky
I should have know then
but I didn’t try
she has her own story
one I can’t deny
she’s in her own world
that Manchester girl.

We walked down by the river
sat in the grass
we talked to the geese
as they went past
sometimes it goes slowly
sometimes it goes fast
but she’s in her own world
that Manchester girl.

The train wasn’t running
so we took the bus
we had all day
it didn’t matter to us
we looked at the graveyard
cause she said we must
she’s in her own world
that Manchester girl.

I live by the river
she lives ‘cross the sea
I live my life alone
I pretend that I’m free
I wish I could hear her again
singing to me
but she’s in her own world
that Manchester girl.

NO CLUE…the tenth song on my newest album

Realistic vector magnifying glass

This is a G.O.C., a genuine overheard conversation in a bar. The guy had no clue what was going on with his girlfriend.  He was the only one in the bar who didn’t. It was almost painful to listen to. NSFW!

(Robertson 2003)

I never promised you the moon

I never promised you the stars

I just bought you lots of drinks

In a lot of different bars

You liked to come back to my place

You always laughed at all my jokes

You used to look me in the eye

You never minded I was broke

What the fuck’s wrong with you?

You still look the way you used to

But there’s something there that’s new

You don’t even want to screw,

What the fuck’s wrong with you?

I never said that I was smart

I never even finished school

I don’t read books and don’t like art

But you can’t play me for a fool

We used to have a favorite song

You used to like to get it on

You’d try out things we never done

And keep it goin’ until dawn

when you met me here tonight

you asked for whiskey in a glass

you wouldn’t let me kiss you hi

you wouldn’t let me touch your ass.

WHO WHAT HOW WHY or WHEN? the eleventh song from the album “Stab”


The final track on my most current album is called “Who What How Why or When” It is a noirish tune in six eighths time…

Who, What, How, Why and When

(Robertson 09)

DM7 F#m

Another grey day in the city

DM7 F#m

I’m feelin’ so tired and alone

DM7 Db DM7 Db

Ain’t no one around, they all left town

DM7 C#7 F#m

Or they ain’t answering their phone.

Think I’ll go down to the sea side

Sit down in that dirty white sand

Partake in the joys of all that white noise

That the waves make beating on the land.

Dm6 F#m

Then the cops arrive in a squad car

Dm6 F#m

And it’s the same thing all over again

Dm6 F#m

They got the questions but I aint got no answers

Dm6 C#7 F#m

To who what how why or when.

The a ferris wheel on the pier

Off to my right, lights up and then

It begins to go round, and I can hear the sound

Of that music caught on the wind

I can’t take any more of these questions

I can’t make up any more lies

I can’t make your day, so just go away

You’ve whittled me down to your size.

And the cops go back to their squad car

They just sit there, this never ends

They got questions, I ain’t got no answers

To who what how why or when.

It’s easy to see where this is headed

I’m goin’ home and call it a day.

They can follow me there, I really don’t care

I ain’t leavin’ til they’ve gone away

And someone is pounding on the front door

But I ain’t gonna let them come in

They got questions, I ain’t got no answers

To who what how why or when.