SECRETS I REMEMBER….the ninth song on my newest album “Pushin’ Through”


From my album “Pushin’ Through”(on sale for the amazing price of ten bucks), a song about artifice.



Somebody must have washed out all the colors

the landscape is very unclear

Everything you left behind you

has just disappeared.


I cant stand to watch couples fucking in a movie

I cant stand to watch couples fucking on TV

they’re pretending and it isn’t even real

and I suppose that’s what really bothers me

There are ghosts in the closets

there are ghosts in the hall

there are ghosts in my iPhone

whenever I try to make a call


There are secrets I remember

there are secrets I forgot

there are times I really really miss you

I thought it would fade away, but it’s not

GET RID OF THE GUNS….song demo

get rid

A scratch recording of a new song, just me and my guitar. Oh, and that’s my 3am voice. It’s not very ambitious musically and I didn’t use any fancy metaphors.


(Robertson 2015)

I got a neighbor

she’s afraid to leave her place

last year she was robbed

and got shot in the face

she said the NRA

is a national disgrace

How long til we get rid of the guns?

I take my wife to dinner

we grab a a bite to eat

some fool walks up to the waitress

and demands he get a  seat

he’s got a rifle strapped on his back

everyone looks at their feet.

How long til we get rid of the guns.

We take our kids to school

when they get out of sight

we sit home and worry

you know that just aint right

we jump everytime the phone rings

I think it’s time to fight

how long til we get rid of the guns?

We don’t go to the movies

we don’t go to the store

we don’t go to McDonalds

or Wendys anymore

we just stay at home and wonder

what we’re living for

How long til we get rid of the guns?

DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY…the 8th song on my newest album “Pushin’ Through”


I was originally going to include this song on my 2012 album “Noir”, but didn’t when I decided that the movie I was riffing off of really wasn’t considered a noir film. Still, I liked the song well enough and realized that it would stand on it’s own.

(C. Robertson 2009)

I jumped off the bridge
And into the Bay
I hit the water hard
And just drifted away.
They were amazed that I lived
Was all the cops could say
Bb                Bbm Dm
Death took a holiday.
Something happened to the engines
And the plane went down
It split up in three pieces
When it hit the ground
Everyone was okay
When the plane was found
Death took a holiday
Bb                         Dm
Bridge: Evil has reared its ugly, ugly head
Bb                                      C
The living are living, but, then, so are the dead.
Db            Ab              G6                       A7
Nobody believes what their priest said…
No one walks the high steel anymore
They’re all out sellin’ drugs door to door
No one knows what all these guns are for
Death took a holiday.

BLAZE…new song demo


Blaze Starr was a stripper who was very popular in the 50s. When I saw her a decade later, she was still setting the stage afire. (as always: NSFW)


(Robertson 15)

Didn’t make no money today

ain’t gonna make no money tomorrow

gonna sit right here and cry

it seems like all my friends ever  do

is drink fuck and quarrel

gonna sit right here and say good bye

Blaze Starr Blaze away

I just wanted  just wanted just wanted to say….

Blaze Starr Blaze away

Blaze away

I saw you down on Howard street

when I was still in high school

went to the Lido, snuck in the back door

and I watched you strut across the stage

like a bird of paradise

I can still hear the sound of high heels on the boards

june 15 2015

half my friends went away to war

and half of them came back

I shoulda looked them up but you know I just lost track

I don’t know what you had

if you were hell or heaven sent

but you took it with you  took it with you took it with you when you went

OPPOSITES….the seventh song on my new album “Pushin’ Through”


I don’t know if this is a dance tune, but it is certainly about dancing…and other stuff. This song was written on baritone guitar.

(robertson 15)

never saw you dance,
never saw you dance
never saw you get up on the floor and take a chance
never saw you
never saw you dance

never heard you dream
never heard you dream
never heard you wake up from your bed and scream
never heard you
never heard you dream

I should remember this one simple fact
sometimes opposites
opposites don’t attract

never saw you shake
never saw you shake
never saw you take it to the limit and break
never saw you
never saw you shake

never saw you shimmy
never saw you slide
never saw you take the devil for a ride
never saw you
never saw you slide


SALEM….the sixth song on my newest album “Pushin’ Through”


Places hold memories…some places more than other.


(Robertson 14)

It was time to get out of town, I got a ticket north

one sunny day in late September

the tagging on the bridges and the walls along the way

wasn’t quite as nice as I remember

I got off in Salem town and climbed that flight of steps

I’ve always had a good time on these streets

nothin’ had changed but nothin’ was the same

everything had changed

I didn’t recognize the ground beneath my feet.


So I ain’t going up to Salem no more

it used to be magical, now it’s just a bore

I can see you standing behind every door

and I ain’t going up to Salem no more.

I didn’t stay, I took the next train back

I just grabbed an empty seat and settled down

the conductor was unfriendly, the window glass was fogged

it started raining when I got back into town.

HOW COME NOTHIN’S HAPPENIN’….song demo for an upcoming album

nothin's happenin'

A song from my upcoming holiday album (Something To Do). More of my obsession with the “Happily Ever After. After the fairy tale comes reality.

How Come Nothin’s Happenin’

(Robertson 2015

we been stuck in this rut

used to be a groove

I never sleep

and you never move


if changes occur naturally

how come nothin’s happenin’ between you and me?

You’ve changed your clothes about a million times

the clocks have all stopped

until you make up your mind

bridge: I’m so tired of the same old thing

can’t we just move on?

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring

we’ll just have to wait until the dawn

there’s change in my pocket

and the clouds all cry

I had a change of heart

but I don’t know why