YELLOW VEST…the fifth song on my album “the right side of history”


The movement spans the political spectrum. According to one poll, few of those protesting had voted for Macron in the 2017 French presidential election, and many had either not voted, or had voted for far-right or far-left candidates. Rising fuel prices initially sparked the demonstrations. Yellow high-visibility vests, which French law required all drivers to have in their vehicles and to wear during emergencies, were chosen as “a unifying thread and call to arms” because of their convenience, visibility, ubiquity, and association with working-class industries. (Wikipedia)

Robertson 2019

she wore a yellow vest
it’s an emergency
she had green eyes
its an emergency
we got a bullhorn
its an emergency
we got a smoke bomb
it’s an emergency
we gotta fuel tax
we aint gonna go back
back to the country
its an emergency
she wore a yellow vest
its an emergency
she had green eyes
its’ an emergency
she dont like the president
she dont like the residents
of the big city
its an emergency
shes a survivor
he’s a truck driver
its an emergency
they can’t go to Versailles.
she wore a yellow- vest
its an emergency
she had green eyes
its an emergency
she dont like those
rubber rubber bullets
she dont like those
smoke bomb cries
she was seen in Toulouse
on the left bank in Paris
the streets of Bordeaux
the parks in Marseille
she wore a yellow vest
its an emergency she had green eyes

DARK SOUL….the fourth song on “The Right Side of History”


If I knew what to say about this song (that it already doesn’t say for itself) I would, but I don’t, so I won’t. Sometimes songs just fall out of your head complete, and the best thing you can do is get out of the way.

Robertson 2019

when I left my house today
the morning was well on its way
I walked thru the falling rain
waited for the uptown train
everything seemed so cliché
maybe I should run away
run away from all of this
go search for that burning kiss

I’ve ripped apart my heart
and found this dark soul
I don’t think I should hide it anymore

when I look around the train
everybody seems so sane
texting on their new cells
living in their own hells

I’ve ripped apart my heart
and found this dark soul
I don’t think I should hide it anymore

2nd verse

WHEN SOMEBODY LOSES…the third song on “The Right Side of History” album


Robertson 2019

how much longer we got to park out here
watchin’ your lover’s house burn down?
I know he said that he’d be true
but thats just what people say,
not what they do

wipe that smile off your face
I cant stand to see you win
when somebody loses
you always grin

I,ve seen that crazy light in your eyes
when you pull the legs off spiders and the wings off flies
stop this crazy schadenfreude
it’s eatin’ you alive, eatin’ you alive

THROW AWAY YOUR PHONE…the second song on “The Right Side of History”

Recycle My Mobile

do it do it do it

Robertson 2019

if you can’t take me as I am
you should leave me alone
if it breaks your mind
to treat someone kind
you should throw away your phone
Another roadside diner
another lousy highway meal
I think I’m in South Carolina
everything is so unreal
I tried to call you up
to say I’m sorry
but you made me feel
like a fool
all I do is sit here and worry
I’m sinking in the deep end of the pool
remember that time
I called from Indy
you let it ring about a million times the outside phone
was cold and windy
had a pocket full of heartaches
and down to my last dime

New Album out today: “the right side of history”


and the first song is

Robertson 2019

hide your face from the sun
you cant solve this mystery,
you cant live under the gun
and still be on the right side of history
you can keep
doin’ what you do
but yu gotta take a stand
cidren are lookin’ at you
you gtta have a plan
everyone knows
your heart stops when you sneeze
you can do what you want
you can do what you please
everyone wants to get you
down on your knees
dont get down on your knees
I n like whats’ goin’ on
it on’t make no sense to me
it all looks so wrong
from the right side of history
things are fallin’ apart
as fast as they can
you cant stay in your house
you gotta take a stand
one step at a time
is the only plan you need
once you’ve planted a seed
then you have to water it
corruption and greed

SNAKE CHARMER MUSIC…the eighth cut on the album “Doctor Moreau Says”

snakes and ladders

…you’ve got the poison, but I’ve got the antidote.

snake charmer Music
(Robertson 2019)
Snakes and Ladders
play t all night
nothing else matters
but thats all right
I bet your bestfriend
doesn’t do this for you
I bet you’re seing
that dreams can come true
Snake charmer music
that swirl of notes
I got the poison
you got the antidote
snakes and ladders
your mongoose died
nothing else matters
we know you lied
let’s just pretend
everything is okay
and let the music
take you away
snakes and ladders
you go up, you go down
nothin’ else matters let it
spin you around

LOTA THE PANTHER WOMAN…the 8th song on “Doctor Moreau Says”


Lota, the Panther Woman
(Robertson 2019)

you know what I began with?
. You know what I began with
an animal you’re a strange child
talk to me more
why did you do that?
you’re an animal
I can’t take you away
I’m in love with someone else 2x
that stubborn beast flesh
is creeping back
you have claws
where you used to have fingers
the panther woman