new new new new new new new new CRAIG ROBERTSON ALBUM!!!! ALCHEMY.


Yes, brand spanking new and chock full of original song goodness! Eleven new songs arranged and recorded for your delight. All for the miniscule price of $10! Bandcamp makes it easy to buy and easy to download. Here’s the link to the album: Alchemy. 

and here is the first song on the album: (p.s. you can also buy a single song for a buck a piece.)

(Robertson 2014)

I’m so very bad, bad at being good
I can’t make you happy, I only wish I could
but I’m so very good, good at being bad
I can’t make you happy, I can only make you sad

A fistfull of diamonds thrown into the sky
Hope that they will be stars when it becomes night
but everytime I throw, they just come back down
try to make you smile, I only make you frown.

If I could take back years, years I’ve thrown away
If I could find the words that would make you stay
and take back all the foolish things I’ve said
but I’m so very good at turning gold to lead

Who What How Why or When…the last song on my newest album STAB


This song has one of my favorite lyrics. It’s ‘mystery music’, but, then, we’re all detectives, criminals or victims; depending on the time and circumstances. It’s a continually changing cast of characters.

Who, What, How, Why and When
(Robertson 09)

DM7 F#m
Another grey day in the city
DM7 F#m
I’m feelin’ so tired and alone
DM7 Db DM7 Db
Ain’t no one around, they all left town
DM7 C#7 F#m
Or they ain’t answering their phone.

Think I’ll go down to the sea side
Sit down in that dirty white sand
Partake in the joys of all that white noise
That the waves make beating on the land.

Dm6 F#m
Then the cops arrive in a squad car
Dm6 F#m
And it’s the same thing all over again
Dm6 F#m
They got the questions but I aint got no answers
Dm6 C#7 F#m
To who what how why or when.

The a ferris wheel on the pier
Off to my right, lights up and then
It begins to go round, and I can hear the sound
Of that music caught on the wind

I can’t take any more of these questions
I can’t make up any more lies
I can’t make your day, so just go away
You’ve whittled me down to your size.

And the cops go back to their squad car
They just sit there, this never ends
They got questions, I ain’t got no answers
To who what how why or when.

It’s easy to see where this is headed
I’m goin’ home and call it a day.
They can follow me there, I really don’t care
I ain’t leavin’ til they’ve gone away

And someone is pounding on the front door
But I ain’t gonna let them come in
They got questions, I ain’t got no answers
To who what how why or when.

THE CAKE (and who took it)…..the fourth song on my most recent album “Stab”

take-the-cakeYou know that point with a hangover when you say to yourself; ‘I’ll never drink again’? Well, this is about that same point in a relationship…

(acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, drums, vocals)

The Cake (and who took it)

(Robertson 2014)

Little dead riding hood

I wish you would

go somewhere else and leave me alone’

you’ve got those zombie eyes

the kind that paralyze

that turn me into a human drone


you were my last mistake

the last I’ll ever make

you know you took the cake for foolin’ me

you were my last mistake

the last I’ll ever make

you know you took the cake for foolin’ me.

Little dead riding hood

you never been any good

you’re so good at being bad, that makes it hard

I’m a fool hangin’ upside down

starin’ at the broken ground

you’re such a card.


bridge: well, I’m talkin’ to dust devils in the corner of my room

they all have voices like a whisper from the tomb.


ROCKET SURGERY….The fifth track from my new album “STAB”

Illustration of a vintage style rocketship flying through the air

It’s easy…it really is.


I know that you got some doubts
I just want to make it clear to you
I know you can figure it out
I gotta lotta faith in you

This ain’t the scene of a crime
Nothing dangerous is happenin here
So you can take your time
And make those questions disappear

But it’s not rocket surgery
It’s as easy as you want it to be
I’m not trying to set you free
I’m not tryin to let you go

It’s not rocket surgery
It’s as easy as A B C
You can see what you want to see
Know what you want to know

I see you got that hesitation
Every time you start to move
It’s not a difficult equation
To prove or to disprove

You know that a couple tears
Don’t add up to a good cry
So if you overcome your fears
You’ll see the numbers don’t lie

Baby, don’t come runnin down the stairs
One two three four five
You gotta throw away your cares
Cause its good to be alive

DANTE IS SHIRTLESS…the sixth track from my most recent album “STAB”


If I’m not mistaken, Ben Farrington gave me the idea for this song.


Dante is shirtless, handcuffed and wired
In the back of the cruiser, while the cops, looking tired,
Listen to Beatrice out on the lawn
She’s so mad she’s spitting she rants on and on

And everything’s different
Though nothing has changed
Everything’s different
Tho nothing has changed

Dante is shirtless, she says leave me alone
Don’t break down my door, don’t call on the phone
That may have worked once but not anymore
Once it was charming but now it’s a bore


Dante is shirtless. He blinks at the light
The film crew is filming they’ve been at it all night
They ask Dante’s permission to put him on Cops
He tells them to shove it, but they just wont stop