DO IT TIL YOU BLEED…the fourth track on my newest album

bloody  hand

“I wish I had a dime for every time I thought to call you. I would never work again…”
The fourth song on “Big Town” is a remorseful ballad. There are plenty of smug inspirational quotes about eschewing regret or remorse…but that’s not realistic if you are an adult in this world


BIG TOWN…new CD, digital and jewel box out now!


My new CD is available as a real life CD in a jewel box with art and all that or as a digital download from my Bandcamp site.   It features ten songs, nine originals and one cover and involved dozens of instruments, hundreds of hours and many new grey hairs.


Track number one is my cover of a Steely Dan song from their first album: DIRTY WORK
I have done this song for many years live. It’s always been one of my favorites. On thisrecording, however, I was able to explore some odd musical ideas I’d had. The verses have two instruments (the mandolin and the hawaiian guitar) playing “pedal chords” i.e. one chord that is played through a series of chord changes by the other instruments…and they are two different chords.  To me it injects an emotional quality to the music.