ghost fs

The seventh cut on my newest album, THE VISITOR,  is called THE GHOST OF FRANK SINATRA.  Everyone carries with them their own personal music. Not everyone can hear it. Sometimes there is only one other person on the planet who can hear it. It’s important to listen.

(Craig Robertson 2017)

You know, baby, you can’t carry a tune
you don’t get up til half past noon
but when you’re around, you sing to me

you don’t like Sinatra, you think he’s a hack
you can’t stand Metallica or Nickleback
but when you’re around, you sing to me

you’re haunted by your exes, you’re always blue
the ghost of frank sinatra follows you
but when you’re around you sing to me

you don’t sing in the shower
you don’t whistle at all
sometimes you just show up
and don’t even bother to call

I like surprises, so that’s okay
you’re not a 45, you’re a long play
and when you’re around you sing to me.



I’ll sleep when I’m dead. This original song is the sixth cut on my newest album, THE VISITOR. (available now on Bandcamp blah blah blah, buy it now blah blah blah.)

(instruments used on this track: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, electric sitar, organ, electric bass, drum programming)

Robertson 2017

It’s the dead of the night
and everything’s still
I got a feeling
I just can’t kill
I got a feeling
I just can’t shake
and everytime I close my eyes
I’m wide awake.

There ain’t no animal
left in me
I’ve cut it loose
and set it free.


I’ve been here hanging out all night
sometimes I think nothing’s ever gonna be right
sometimes I think that the joke’s on me
the joke’s on me



sunday at the human zoo

This song is the fifth cut on my newest album “The Visitor”

Pet names are probably best reserved for pets.

(if you like this song or any of the other songs on this album, please consider buying the album….)

Robertson 17

all the boys line up outside
and hope you’ll take them for a ride
they chase you down the rabbit hole
singing heart and soul, heart and soul


and though it’s good to see you, monkeyface
I ain’t got a horse in this race

every evening when you feed
you choose companions who can bleed
you don’t know what a spoon is for
since you became a carnivore

I don’t envy your success
when you leave you leave a mess
when you go you’re gone for good
when you go you’re gone for good.


it’s a family thing to do
Sunday at the Human Zoo

MY WAY OF FALLING DOWN…the 4th cut on The Visitor

my way of falling down (1)

“It isn’t the falling that I hate, it’s the landing, I admit…”   This is the fourth song on my newest album, The Visitor.

Robertson 2017

Why don’t we sit under the stars
and watch the night come down?
If I lay back and look up
I get dizzy and turned round

but that’s my way of falling down
I don’t know if you’re the same
what you get for the same result
may have a different name

learning how to stumble
was difficult for me
I was taught to stand up straight
and move carefully

like the stars in the sky
I’m falling every day
you must be that satellite
I passed along the way


the sun will soon be coming up
and the moon is going down
we don’t have to move at all
we can stay here on the ground

the universe is expanding
but I can take that hit
it isn’t the falling that I hate
it’s the landing, I admit.


ACROBAT…the third cut on my newest album “The Visitor”.

acrobat 2

ACROBAT. In the third song on my album THE VISITOR we find the alien, who has come to Earth, taken a human face and form, to learn about interpersonal relationships. Its race is dying because there is no contact between individuals, not longer any propagation of their species, and, as a result, its race is dying.

Its journey to Earth is an attempt to comprehend (and bring back) how relationships work. Hoping to maximize the amount of contacts, it joins a small traveling Circus as a roustabout.


(If you buy this album, you will not only be helping me, but you will be helping save an entire race from extinction…)

(Robertson 2017)


She’s an acrobat
she tumbles all the time
she has a heart that dances
to each and every line
and I wish that I could figure out
how to make her mine
but she’s an acrobat
she tumbles all the time

she’s made a career
out of falling down
she recovers gracefully
every time she hits the ground
she’s got bells around her waist
and sawdust in her hair
it only makes her lovelier
people stop and stare


I’ve watched her fall so many times
she spins head over heels
she doesn’t know which way is up
and I know how that feels
she runs around in circles
and dances in the light
dazzles all the audience
every single night


EMPTY INSIDE…the second cut from “The Visitor”

empty inside

The second song on my newest album, The Visitor, is called EMPTY INSIDE.

“Two flat tires and a broken heart, this day is off to a really good start…”

The instruments used on this track are: electric guitars, electric sitar, acoustic guitar lap steel, bottle neck electric, synthesizer, electric bass, drum programming and vocals.