OUIJA GOODBYE…the second song on my album “Drunk in the Moonlight”


yes, no, goodbye
I told you I would go
you know I wouldn’t lie
I know you know I know
I know you got questions
I know you got doubts
that’s okay
I can spell it out

he worked at the gasstation
down by the zoo
he always got off at 9:42
on his way home
he picked up some wine
the night air smelled so sweet
and he was feeling fine

when he walked in his back door
he immediately saw her note
it was taped to her ouija board
when he read what she wrote
he had to open the wine
after two or three glasses
he was feeling fine

it said

he called off work
for a couple of days
he tried to fill his time
in a hundred different ways
he made some coffee
he burned some toast
he talked to the ouija
and tried to raise her ghost.


from DRUNK IN THE MOONLIGHT, released January 15, 2021

Letter From Birmingham Jail…from the album “Craig’s Campfire Songs”

(Robertson 2019
paraphrased from Martin Luther King, for scansion, not for meaning)

Letter from Birmingham Jail
Letter from Birmingham Jail
we cannot wait forever
“Wait” almost always means “Never.”

a cup of coffee at a lunch counter
turns into a violent confrontation
and it’s puzzling to those who have never felt
the stinging darts of segregation

vicious mobs of white citizens
lynch your fathers and your mothers
vicious mobs of white citizens
drown your sisters and brothers


there are unsolved bombings in Birmingham
these are uncomfortable facts
all of the churches that have burned down
are all attended by blacks

why do hate filled policemen
curse kick and kill us
there seem to be two types of laws
the just and the unjust


from Craig’s Campfire Songs, released March 1, 2020

NEW ALBUM RELEASE…”Drunk in the Moonlight”

Today is, as promised, the release of my newest album “Drunk in the Moonlight” with ten original songs. You can listen to all the songs for free as often as you like.

The title song and first track is


I got off the bus right in front of the hardware store
everything looked the same as when I left
tried to get my bearings and asked around
If anyone knew a girl I knew named Beth

I don’t think nobody recognized me
been about 3 years since I been back
someone said that she moved up to Portland
and exactly why you want to know, Jack?

I guess I should’ve expected that to happen
I ain’t very good at remembering to call
but I was hoping things would work out different
instead they didn’t work out at all

so I went down to the Outside Inn
drank up all the money that I had
got thrown out by a couple of the local boys
the whole thing was stupid and kinda sad.

Now I’m drunk in the moonlight
Drunk in the moonlight
Drunk in the moonlight Tonight.

sittin’ on the curb in front of your old house
took a while to find it in my state
nothin’ to go back to, no reason to stay here
it always seems I’m too little too late


from DRUNK IN THE MOONLIGHT January 15, 2021

NEW ALBUM OF ORIGINAL SONGS coming from Craig Robertson in mid-January.

My new album “drunk in the moonlight” will be released in mid-january on Bandcamp (craigrobertson.bandcamp.com) It will contain ten original songs written this year.

  1. drunk in the moonlight
  2. ouija goodbye
  3. chasing a dragon
  4. consolation prize
  5. two states of matter
  6. the night before the morning after
  7. sleeping in the witch house
  8. Lot’s wife
  9. chain letter from you
  10. lockdown #2

THE NEXT LEVEL…the last song on my newest album

(Robertson 20)

Drop down to the next level
you don’t belong here I can tell
drop down to the next level
the next level of Hell.

I don’t think that I agree
with all the shit you’ve done
I don’t think that I agree
with your idea of fun

when you’re hurting someone else
you don’t seem to care
you only seem to take
you never want to share

I don’t think you understand
why anyone is kind
you seem to think it’s okay
if you’re having a good time

you’re an alpha hunter
you think you never lose
when you’re stalking prey
you kill anything that moves

If anybody criticizes you
you say’stop your bitchin’
if you can’t stand the heat
stay out of the kitchen

I think when you die
and your life on here is through
you will meet the Devil
and he will say to you:


from OUT STANDING, released December 3, 2020

SILVER BULLET…The ninth song on my newest album.

(Robertson 20)

If I had a silver bullet
if I had a magic wand
if I had a way out of this night
that just seems to go on and on

if I could destroy all monsters
and set all the children free
open all the cages
and end all the cruelty

there’s always a new daily outrage
fires are burning out of control
animals are leaving the forest
and the fires are taking their toll


there are so many hands out
so many people in need
so many liars and fools
watching the world bleed

I didn’t used to believe
that monsters are real
but after all that I’ve seen
It changes the way I feel


the werewolves are on the street
they’re growling at the sky
everybody’s running away
nobody’s ready to die

everywhere people just disappear
never to be heard of again
if you listen hard enough
you can hear their voices on the wind.

1. chorus

from OUT STANDING, released December 3, 2020

ROOFTOP HARMONY… the ninth song on my newest album

(Robertson 20)

That long slow ride in September
down to New York
driving around the Village
looking for a place to park

music filled our heads
the sights and smells of Central Park
the witches and the rocknrollers
all came out after dark

doesn’t matter what we did
I was never too tired for you
doesn’t matter where we were
I was always on fire for you

people were fighting below us
we climbed the ladder to the sky
we thought no one would know us
but we were right in front of their eyes

Indian summer cloudless sky
you were my queen of cups
you said the sky was full of stars
but I was never looking up

Rooftop harmony
you and me and the Empire State
rooftop symphony
you were always worth the wait

from OUT STANDING, released December 3, 2020

LAS VEGAS IS LOSING…the eighth song on my newest album “Out Standing”

(Robertson 20)

Las vegas is losing
las vegas is losing
after years of winning
I misss that spinning sound
the lights are going out
and everybody’s busted
I can’t believe it
when the Strip is shutting down

I wanna go lose some money
I wanna sit with my honey
and watch the stage shows
where did the time go
where did the time go
my watch can’t be right
we’ve been in here
We’ve been here all night

in this cruel new reality
it’s no longer a destination
we’re living in isolation
I just wanna drive my car
I just wanna drive my car
with the top down
all hands on deck
I want to lose my paycheck
in an hour
come with me
my sweet desert flower

I want to feel all that electric power
from the bill board lights
they make the stars retreat
it’s a feeling that can’t be beat
all the stars and the roulette wheels
spinning around and around
I wonder if I will ever feel
that way again?

from OUT STANDING, released December 3, 2020

DEFINED BY YOUR FLAWS…the seventh song on my newest album.

I don’t know any perfect people. I do know people who think they’re perfect.

(Robertson 20)

I’ve been in your jungle
it was a tangle of vines
I could get lost there
and I wouldn’t mind

Sometimes you’re a tiger
all fearsome teeth and claws
sometimes you’re a diamond
defined by your flaws

I’ve been in your kitchen
I’ve seen your husband’s ties
but I don’t want to get tangled up
in that web of lies


I know I’m in your head
I’m pouring out your eyes
they always open wider
when you are surprised


this is like a children’s game
written in whit chalk
everything is tilted
on a cracked sidewalk


every year a comet
shoots across the sky
it leaves a trail of dust
that always makes me cry

from OUT STANDING, released December 3, 2020