The Complete Discography of Craig Robertson’s Albums…


Sometime in January 2017 I will release my 31st album, Jungle Logic. It will be available on Bandcamp. I have a back catalog of albums that are also available. Most of the physical CDs of these albums are out of print, but they are all available by digital delivery.

Here’s the list:


  1. Remixes 2016
  2. The Red Hat 2016
  3. Cafe Songs 2016
  4. Big Town 2016
  5. Something To Do 2015
  6. Pushin’ Through 2015
  7. Coney Island Baby 2015
  8. Alchemy 2015
  9. Stab 2015
  10. Greatest Hats, Vol. 2 2015
  11. Greatest Hats, Vol. 1 2014
  12. Bad Choices/ There Must Be A Circus In Town 2014
  13. Lost Forever 2013
  14. When Close Is Not Good Enough 2013
  15. Something Is Wrong With Me part 2 2013
  16. Stay Awake 2013
  17. Something Is Wrong With Me part 1 2013
  18. New Person 2012
  19. Grant Wood’s Grave 2012
  20. Noir 2012
  21. She Talks To The Snakes In Her Hair 2011
  22. Dancing On The Edge Of The Knife 2011
  23. Perfect Wife 2010
  24. Better Liar 2009
  25. Under The Mystic 2008
  26. Dechirico Street 2007
  27. Houdini’s Perspective 2006
  28. Uncovers 2006
  29. That Dress 2004
  30. Practical Hypnotism 2003

STANDING ROCK 2016…demo of a new song by Craig Robertson


(Craig Robertson 2016)

If you cut me I bleed
if you hit me I bruise
I’m here for my children
I’m not here to lose

you have armor and scales
and I only have skin
if you push me I fall
but I get up again

i’ve been here all day
I’ve been her all night
all your bullets and cannons
still don’t make you right

all the lies that you”ve told
the depth of your greed
you dug a hole in the earth
and we planted a seed

I’m willing to wait
to watch while it grows
I’m willing to stand here
but I think you should know

INK…the fourth cut on REMIXES


In the late 90s I was driving through Akron, Ohio on my way to a gig. It was late afternoon and I was stuck behind some  stopped traffic on an overpass. Down below on a residential street I could see a little human tableau being enacted: a young man with long hair and a leather jacket was listening to a young girl as they both stood at the end of a driveway. He obviously was not happy with what she was saying, and, after a few moments he threw up his hands and stamped off down the street to a ’69 Camaro which he got in and furiously drove off.
I don’t actually know what happened or what it was all about, but when I got home I wrote this song…


(Craig Robertson 2006)

She stood in the drive And wrung her hands
She said I really hope you understand
I really like your tattoos, I really like your hair, it’s so long, so long

She looked at my camaro parked on the street
She looked at the sky, she looked at her feet,
She told me she though I was kind, thought I was sweet, but so long, so long

Ch; I’m gonna drive downtown And sit down in Rose’s Parlor
I don’t want to think, just get out the ink Before I lose my nerve
I’m gonna drive downtown And sit down in Rose’s Parlor.
I don’t want to think, get out the ink And make it look like her.

from the album REMIXES (2016)



The third track on my new REMIXES album is a song I have done live for many years, it is one of my favorites.

(C.Robertson 06)

F                   Cdim
She’s tied down on her back
Gm6                A7
Between two rails of steel
Dm6                  Bb
She says that things are lookin up
But that’s not how it feels
F             Cdim
She’s waitin for the train
Gm6              A7
With it’s magic wheels
Dm6              Bb
Now there Ain’t no turnin’ back
C13   A9      Dm
For Penny on the tracks

There’s a lotta bad boys
Coiling up their ropes
She says that things are lookin up
But she’s running out of hope
She’s waitin for the train
Feeling like a dope
there ain’t no turning back
For Penny on the Tracks

Asus                         F
She’s been waiting for that big event
Asus                       F
She can’t even paint her nails
Asus        F   D7
But she’s not so sure anymore
Gm7                          C7
When she feels the vibrations in the rails.

Life used to be a movie
Full of lovely little twists
But now the ropes are tied too tight
And chafe and burn her wrists
There’s too much plot and danger
Before she’s even kissed
It’s all nasty laughs and moustache wax
For Penny on the Tracks