COMING NOVEMBER FIRST a brand spanking new Album of ten original songs.

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The album will be called “Doctor Moreau says” and will include ten original songs encompassing everything from tame to strange, hard to soft, easy to difficult and sad to happy.

November 1, 2019.  Get it.



yes, I made a mistake. The new album is coming out on NOVEMBER FIRST (not october 1. how would that even be possible without a time machine. and I don’t have one of those. really, I should proofread this shit. nah.)

AIN’T EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IN MIND…the last song on the album “truth is a Runaway Horse”.


As the Stones so aptly put it “you can’t always get what you want…” but, sometimes, you can’t even get what you need…

Ain’t Exactly What I Had In Mind
Robertson 2019

that night we drove to Jimmies in Tommy’s white Cadillac
Jimmy was sitting on the front porch and there was a goat tied up out back
He was wavin’ with one handy in the other was a gun
it was a pearl handled pistol that shown like the sun
he came down off the porch and he charged the car
and his eyes were blazin like he was goin’ to war
he said,” what you boys doin’ comin’ round here?
I aint selling you no dope I aint buying you no beer
I dont know what I was expecting to find
but this aint exactly what I had
this aint exactly what I had in mind
he pointed the gun at Joey in the back seat,
and said,” whatcha doin’ here you dumbass piece of meat?”
and we all jumped up and told him he oughta be cool
but he was hopped up and crazy and nobody’s fool
Then Jimmy’s wife Lulu came screaming out the door
she’d been cookin’ up some crank
then she dumped it on the floor
when she heard us comin’
and she didn’t know what we were there for
and Jimmy started cussin’ and the airs turned blue
and we tried to hold him back but there was nothin we could do
he shot out all our tires and pistol-whipped his wife
and told us to get outa there
if we valued our lives
well, we ran down the road and left the Caddy right there
it belonged to Tommy’s dad but we just didnt care
when we got to the bridge we were plumb outa breath
we had all our money but no car and no meth
Tommy said,” That man’s crazy-and that’s a fact.
but, you know, my daddy Caddy, well I gotta go back
I aint happy to admit it, I in ashamed to say
we all just stood there watched him walk away.
we all walked home, and nearly the next week
I ran into Tommy on the street
he was sitting in his Caddy, stopped at a light
it had four new tires and he was high as a kite

FUNNYBONE…the seventh song on “truth is a Runaway Horse”.


Robertson 2019

I been known to take a drink
I been known to lie
I been known to live alone
but I been gettin by
I fell asleep by the side of the road
just too tired to drive
when I awoke my heart was gone
but I was still alive

I ain’t got no funnybone
but you know that I’m okay
cuz everything is one big joke
so I dont need one anyway

I fell asleep on the railroad tracks
in the middle of July
I heard the cars on the freeway
an the planes up in the sky
but I never heard the train a-comin’
I never saw the smoke
all of a sudden it was right on me
and I never woke
if you believe the doctor
we all gotta go sometime
if you believe the police
we’re all guilty of some crime
if you believe the bishop
we-re head in’ for some ‘hell
from what I’ve seen of this old world
its’ probably just as well

IT’S A FUCKIN’ GIRAFFE…the sixth song on Truth is a Runaway Horse


a giraffe!!?? really?

It’s A Fuckin’ Giraffe
Robertson 2019

‘it’s a fucking giraffe
dont make me laugh
it was a gentle creature you killed
its a fucking giraffe
dont make me laugh
to hit something that big
very little skill.
the mighty hunter .
stalks thru the underbrush
he’s very intent- on his prey
he comes to a clearing
and raises his rifle
shoots the animal
50 feet away
then comes the trophy photo
victory is sweet
he grins at the camera
a dead giraffe lies at his feet
round the campfire
later that night
he describes in detail
his exciting hunt
stalking his prey
before it ran away
it was running away
when he took the shot
he shows them the trophy photo