Drowing In The Sea, and all that stuff


I’ve decided recently that I would stop posting demos of new songs on my blog for two reasons. (1) As much as I like to show the “process”, I’ve come to the realization that most listeners don’t really know the difference between a demo and a finished recording, and (2) I’m entirely disenchanted with the MP3 format. Too much audio information is lost.

So, I’m still writing and demoing original songs all the time, but I’m just not posting them until they are on an album.

Speaking of which, I have A DOUBLE ALBUM coming out in JUNE of this year. One album is titled THERE MUST BE A CIRCUS IN TOWN, and the other is BAD CHOICES. There will be TWENTY ORIGINAL SONGS, ten on each album. Lots of stuff no one has heard. More about that as the day approaches.

So, when all that is said and done, here is a new song that isn’t on an album yet, and probably the last mp3 I will post. I’m putting it on my blog because it is, of course, not necessarily, indicative of what I’m doing of late.  Or maybe it is.

I don’t have to make sense, I’m a musician.